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Buyers want to imagine themselves in your home, which means the most neutral we can make your space look the better. Staged homes sell for 1-5% more; on a million dollar house – that’s $10,000-50,000 more money. We work with professional stagers who will come in and give us a recommended staging plan based off your home’s floor plan and color scheme, by taking that care to plan the stage, they make sure each homes shows off it’s unique features and showcases the home in it’s best possible light. 
Home Theory works with and recommends Voila Staging and Design as our preferred staging team. Wendy Etheridge (Owner and Principal Designer), will put together a comprehensive plan and also will consult on choosing paint colors, hardware upgrades and new lighting fixtures to ensure your home will sell quickly and for top dollar. The collaborative process is why our team consistently sells homes for above market value (not just above asking price). 
Home Theory does offer to our sellers to have the property professionally staged at our cost, at a slightly higher commission point. We believe and have seen that staging can make a huge difference in the ultimate end result for our clients and while the final bottom line is always important, the terms of the contract are a big component of the value to you too. When a property conveys a move in ready feel, and of a property that has been well maintained and cared for, often we see buyers agree to waive home inspections because they don’t have the same concerns they may have if a home doesn’t give off that “vibe”. Having no home inspection is of value to YOU because it means no more additional work to be done and gets you to close faster and with a better margin.

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