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When seeking real estate as a military or Foreign Service member, it’s an excellent idea to find an agency that works specifically with people like you. Your requirements are different from the average homebuyer, and you should get the care your family needs and deserves. Home Theory is a reputable real estate agency that knows how to analyze your military family’s requirements in finding a home.

Given that over 50% of their clientele are affiliated with the Foreign Service, military, or government agencies, it would be in your best interest to work with Home Theory. Through their AFSA and FSYS sponsorships, they have built strong relationships and gained invaluable insight into their clients' needs. Knowing that military and Foreign Service members are of utmost importance, Home Theory provides these clients with a higher level of services and a deeper understanding of their requirements, ensuring they have effective and valuable real estate representation. 

Home Theory’s extensive experience with Foreign Service has made them more attuned to their client’s needs and wants. Through their partnership with Chambers Theory Property Management, they’re able to efficiently transition their client’s home into property management when/if the time comes. Chambers Theory provides the highest level of service and care one who works in the military would come to expect. The partnership keeps Home Theory in the know about their client’s asset, knowing it is being effectively managed and retaining its value for when the service member returns or needs to sell their property in the future. 

Chambers Theory supports landlords around the world and offers discounts to the Foreign Service community. If you’re part of the community, you’ll want to work with a company that helps individuals transition their homes into property management. Here are some of the stats that make Chamber Theory an exceptional choice when seeking a property management company that has service members’ best interests in mind:

  • Chambers Theory had the lowest average Days on the Market (DOM) for three years in a row, with less marketing time and fewer vacancies. 
  • Chambers Theory has the highest average rents in their service region for three years in a row.
  • They had the highest quality listing investments, prompted by their consultations, professional photography, virtual staging, marketing channels, and property showings availability.
  • They averaged a 19% higher rent price than the average of all top 20 property management firms.
  • During 2020, compared with the top 20 property management companies in the same service region, Chambers Theory took 82% less time to rent a property than the combined average of their competition. 

Home Theory and Chambers Theory’s services garner extraordinary results. If you’re a service member looking to make the most of your rental or investment property, contact Home Theory today. 

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